Frezzor – Sea Salt


  • Gourmet Mineral Rich Sea Salt from New Zealand
  • Wind Dried & Solar Evaporated
  • 84 Trace Minerals
  • Unrefined, unprocessed, no additives, all-natural
  • 225g / 8 oz.

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Frezzor is the ultimate in purity, effectiveness, and quality. Our iconic world-class ‘Organic Nutritional Lifestyle Collection’ consists of the most powerful supplements completely derived from nature. We guarantee that incorporating the Frezzor ‘Organic Nutritional Lifestyle Collection’ into your daily regimen will have a profound life-enhancing positive impact on your health and well-being.

People who live in the 21st Century are dying from toxic, polluted and chemically contaminated products. But there is a miracle. Everything our body requires to function at its optimum is found within nature. Frezzor delivers the very best of nutritional life-enhancement to those who desire optimal wellbeing, energy, and vitality.

For centuries scientists, biologists, researchers, functional medicine experts, holistic practitioners have studied the health benefits of nature’s healing intelligence. Research has confirmed that clean natural unprocessed food and nutrition provides the ultimate fuel and energy to empower humans to operate at their biological best. Our Frezzor ‘Organic Nutritional Lifestyle Collection’ has been designed to support optimal brain and body performance.

FREZZOR Flaky Sea Salt
From the unpolluted New Zealand Ocean is the world’s richest and purest mineral sea salt. A literal “Ocean of Health” containing all 84 naturally-occurring minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc that are essential for proper body function to promote alkaline formation to help maintain a healthy balance of electrolytes that regulate the body’s pH perfectly. Table salt is not natural, it’s harmful to your health.

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